Ductable Air Cooler

Extraordinary Ductable air coolers are no magic. This is the outcome of persistent efforts, innovation and creative thinking and an unparalleled quest for quality product.

You must know the overall detailing of ductable system in HVAC.

Degree day ductable air coolers are perfect air solution for home as well as large areas. Many major schools, offices, shops and major organizations use our Ductable Air cooling system that provides entirely balanced air distribution in the room.

The ductable split with the entire ductable network helps in cooling the conditioned place. Generally, these ducting units usually don’t cover large floor space. The entire set of system works via a series of ducts which in returns makes the space cool during the hot summer days.

Ducts can manage heating and cooling of your rooms or spaces individually. This is referred as Zoning. You can select your required temperature through the thermostat and other given settings. Ductable units are the best choice you ever make in your life with remarkable and efficient output.

Advantages Of Ductable Air Coolers

  • The ductable splits are known for its noiseless operation.
  • They are capable to provide service a bigger space of house. With a single AC zoning, each room have a different temperature setting.
  • Ductable splits are arranged behind the ceilings and walls and thus very discreet.
  • This product is sufficient to maintaining an even or uniform temperature throughout the conditioned house.