Commercial Air Cooler

E - Series

Ideal for Industrial, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Application

Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.
The high end products rages available having microprocessor based controls is also very apt for large residential requirements.

Greencon e-series- ‘THE INDIAN HERO’

E-Series is and ultimate cooling machine, designed & manufactured to suit Indian conditions & hence making it suitable to tackle all three adverse inputs i.e: Air, Water, Power

» Air-Automatic de-dusting of air filters

» Water-auto/programmable drain, self cleaning pimp, level sensing protections

» Power-under & over load protection of voltage & current with error display

» Ambience-automatic temperature & humidity control using fuzzy logic

Description Model
Model No. GC-E-18v-S/T/S/ GC-E-18F-S/T/S/
Air Discharge Option Down / Top / Side D/T/S
Nominacl Capacity 18000CMH
Cooling Area 50 ≈ 150 sqmtr
Products Dimension 1160 x 1160 x 900/940 mm
Net Weight 77kg
Operating Weight 120kg
Maximum TPS 180pa
Water Consumption 70-80 LPH
Noise ≤ 73DB
Peak Power Consumption 1.1KW
Cabinet Very heigh grade PP + Additives to withstand adverse weather conditions
Dust filter Yes
Microprocessor Controller Yes with LCD Display
Cordless Remote Controller Yes
Auto Drain Yes
Pump & Moter Procation Yes
Phase Single Phase Three Phase
No. of Speeds 50 Speeds Single Speeds
Inverter Driven Yes No
Exhaust / Filter Cleaning Yes No
Thermostatic Controls Temp / RH Controls* No
Precooling Yes No
Intellegent Clean Yes No
Group Control Optional Optional Optional

Comparison with various cooling devices

Type Air conditioner Centrtfugal Coolers ESeries Celling Fan
Sample Area (sqmtr) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Fresh Air Changes/hr 0 40 40 0
Capacity Required 77 TR 1,20,000 CMH 1,20,000 CMH 210 CMM x 72 nos
No. of Units (Approx) 51 nos.  x 1.5 TR 40000 CMH x 03 nos 18000 CMH x 7 5.6
Operating Cost in Comparison to AC 100% 17% 7% 5%

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