Central Air Cooler

Most of the people aware about air conditioners and air coolers for different cooling applications. But most of the households and enterprises don’t know about the CENTRALIZED AIR COOLING. Even the central air cooler deliver an efficient cooling solution like an centralized air conditioner.

Degreeday provides the centralized ducting with big capacity air cooling systems which is the ideal and most efficient solution for shopping stores, hospitals/clinics, restaurants, apartments or big residential complex, theatres or other bigger spaces.

Key Highlights of Degreeday Air Coolers Over Centralized Air Conditioners

  • Introduce fresh and healthy air in entire conditioned zone.
  • Air is replaced very frequently with respect to the space.
  • Degreeday Air Centralized air cooling electricity consumption is only 20 percent of centralized air conditioning for a particular area that saves our pocket miraculously.
  • In the event of power cutting, Degreeday air coolers can run on inverters or small generators but this is not the case with centralized air conditioners.
  • When it comes to the initial setup cost, it is just half of the Central AC.
  • In comparison to the air conditioning, centralized air cooling cost and entire maintenance is very low.
  • Conversely to the air conditioners, Degreeday Air coolers are environment friendly and supports the idea of green environment as it doesn’t work on refrigerant gases.

Have A Look On Our Air Cooling Products

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