Basement Ventilation System

The microclimate and comfortable living in a private home are influenced in many respects by the well built ventilation system of all its facilities and in particular - the ideal ventilation system of the basement.

Good Basement Ventilation System of the house will save the excess moisture, protect from the appearance of fungi, mold and significantly prolong the life of the house. Many people in building or in a private home, pay little attention to the basement ventilation, referring to the complexity of the matter or the lack of necessary skills.

Degreeday’s Ventilation system provides the freedom for the easy operation of instruments and understand how the ventilation works.

Superior Quality Basement Ventilation System By Degree Day

Our ventilation system is a setup of a system of pipes or mines that provide normal parameters of humidity, temperature and air exchange in the home. Ventilation in the basement of a private house consists of a whole network of ventilation ducts with a supply unit and an exhaust fan, or it may be natural and consist of a supply and exhaust pipe.

The Degree day Ventilation system will deliver the highest quality of air in the conditioned zone and allow heaters and air conditioners to condition the basement efficiently.

Further, the system provides a gateway for escaping the dirty basement air from upstairs and creating an environment for clean air to replace the dump.

The complete installation in the basement of your premise addresses any type of moisture issues by eliminating the water vapor and thus minimizing the chance of mildew growth, bacteria, mold and other host that creates a greater threat to the health.