About Us

About Us

We, Degree DayTM Engineers is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Indore based Air-conditioning firm, which provides turnkey solution in the field of HVAC & would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading organization for design and Project Execution of Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration of Central India.

The firm was established in the year 2000 under the leadership of Mr. C.M.Gupta (M.E.), who has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. In a short span, company has achieved a very good reputation for its commitment towards Quality, Technical know-how, and customer satisfaction with almost 100% satisfied customers. The company specializes in Hospital air-conditioning & clean room air-conditioning / ventilation and has added a new dimension in air-conditioning of operation theaters through out the country.

Consultancy & In-house engineering Division

Consultancy & In-house engineering Division takes care of customized design requirements of customers. Consultancy scope includes providing HVAC consultancy right from understanding customer's needs & requirements, coordination with other utility service providers, preparation of tender specifications & BOQ, tender drawings, selection of optimum equipments, award of contract & supervision of the system. Under In house engineering, the firm works on behalf of the client as in house engineering team which includes all the above listed scope but including the detailing even upto execution level. The work under such circumstances is awarded to various subcontractor & suppliers in place of a turnkey contractor, thereby providing value engineering & flexibility of project execution.

Project Division

Project division looks after turnkey contract for any HVAC utility requirement. provide entire range of central air conditioning systems starting from 5.5 TR ductable package units to any required capacity of liquid chillers, with various compressor options from hermatic, semi-hermatic, scroll, screw, reciprocating, Vapour Absorption, & centrifugal types to suit various requirements.

Operation & Maintenance Division

The company is one of the leading Maintenance and operation Contractor of various Air-Conditioning equipments. The promoters being in this field for more than last four decades have dealt with various clients like Air conditioning companies, Pharmaceuticals companies, Hospitals, Multiplexes, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices, etc. We are a team of professional engineers and technicians with hands on experience in dealing with air conditioning equipments and systems.

Manufacturing Division

Under the Group company, we have a Manufacturing division, the firm has many firsts to its credit. We have developed a system which is a unique self designed system working on dual stage evaporative cooling principals & enables to provide supply temperatures lower then the wet bulb temperature & goes even below 20 Deg C during peak summer/ dry season. Since it is based on 100 % fresh filtered air, hence it provide better inside conditions then air-conditioning. However being an evaporative cooling concept, it shall be less effective during higher humidity levels such as monsoon season. Going perfectly as per the Green Building concept of use of renewable source of energy, the machine consumes almost 1/5th of a normal air-conditioning system, thereby providing huge connected & consumed power savings. Also since it works on 100% fresh air, it helps in providing better IAQ & less sick building syndrome in comparison to normal air conditioning.

Company has also added one more jewel in our crown by developing “Textile Duct”- a unique application in air-conditioning field and is pioneer in the country to provide such an innovative product.

Also it has developed a unique Laminar Flow module for Operation Theater by providing filtration all around the OT light thereby providing better indoor conditions around the operative table.

In order to maintain its competitive advantage, the firm is committed towards its customers and uses computerized software like HVAC, Airwind - UK, Computer Aided Design software ISHRAE official heat load software HLCP, etc. for heat load calculations, equipment selection and providing drawings for air-conditioning system layout. We are having highly trained & qualified technical staff to provide the very best of our services & believe in setting up high standards in service industry.

We share a very good rapport with our Clients, Architects, Interior Designers and Project Consultants and our reference list speak of our reputation.

We have with us available support of valuable sub-contractors and Agencies involved to execute the projects of more then Rupees 250 Lacs. This is also strengthened by a number of highly skilled and licensed Sub contractors for execution and implementation of allied works such as Piping, Ducting, Insulation, Machine installations, Electrification, etc. We also have at our disposal highly sophisticated Tools and tackles for utilization at our sites for timely completion of our projects. With the above experience we have a firm foundation and are capable to handle any turnkey / challenging jobs with tight schedule with Planning and Execution management techniques.